What Makes Us Different

Our children learn at their own pace

Curiosity is a delicate little plant which aside from stimulation, stands mainly in need of freedom.
— Albert Enstein

Love, nurture and a secure base from which to learn

Most education systems view and treat children as developing adults, meaning their experiences are based around what they can grow up to contribute as adults. We view children as important in their own right. The stage they are at right now is important and their actions and contributions as a child matter and are valued. Before any structured education is considered we recognise that at the heart of anyones ability to learn is the confidence and self belief to do so. We celebrate every child for their individuality, their creative ability, their strengths and their evolving interests. Interactions with adults are purposeful and meaningful, and their musings are met with as much positive enthusiasm as their learning opportunities. There are no mistakes in learning.



Science, technology, engineering and mathematics form the basis of our curriculum at the Pre-school of Sciences. It is about learning to think rather than learning to remember. Children are natural scientists. When left alone to play they are enquiring, testing, recording and predicting. A baby will happily pick up a piece of food, perhaps a slice of lemon and examine it before putting it in his mouth. Predicting a similar response they are unlikely to do it again, but watch how they try to give it to you to share in the experiment! A 2 year old will observe what happens when an adult adds water to sand, and it wont be long before she’s pouring in as much water as she can to see what happens next. By 3 or 4 she is likely to be predicting a soggy unusable mess and will test and adjust accordingly. Children learn this way naturally, no little white coats required.


Our science based curriculum is underpinned by the naturally enquiring minds of children. Children are free to follow their own lines of enquiry at their own pace, being as thorough or as fleeting as they like. The adults in our classrooms are every bit as curious and excitable as the children so together they share and sustain deep thinking for longer.


Urban nature

Boasting 3500 SQ FT of thoughtfully planned and naturally resourced space we are more than an urban garden within a pre-school. Children attending the Pre-School of Science have the space they need to grow. To grow their interests, their confidence, their abilities, their relationships and their ideas; as well as their fruit and vegetables. Gardening is part of our every day curriculum and children use our greenhouse to grow their own food, herbs and flowers. We do most of our learning outside using nature (and a few clever wonderings from knowledgable teachers) and we consider our children to be without limits and boundaries. Our outdoor classroom reflects just that.