Creative Children Need Opportunity

The best classroom and the richest cupboard are roofed only by the sky. — Margaret McMillan

Outdoor Classroom

Our school considers children to be without limits and boundaries, so why not our classrooms? At the Pre-School of Sciences children play and learn outdoors whenever possible and with 3500 SQ FT of well planned and naturally resourced space, children have the space to grow as big as their ideas.



Reducing the distance between children and the origin of the food they eat, our greenhouse puts little hands right back in charge of their meals. Gardening is intrinsic to our curriculum and children get the opportunity to practice much of the values in our kindness curriculum while caring for and nurturing plants. Combine this with knowledgeable and engaged teachers, the greenhouse also becomes a place for fine and gross motor skills, weighing, measuring (4ft sunflower, anyone?) and problem solving. Got a fussy eater? It’s amazing how enthusiastic children are about vegetables they have grown themselves!


Sensory Garden

Naturally governed by their senses during their early years our sensory garden is a carefully designed planting area where plants are grown aimed at engaging all our children’s senses. The smell and taste of mint or thyme, the vivid colours displayed by exotic plants, the rustle and chatter of tall grasses, the feel of rough peeling bark or plants with soft feathery leaves. These experiences are essential in helping children be mindful of each individual sense and to stop and take a minute to explore it. Not to mention the great describing words they find in their expanding vocabulary.